About me

Anastasia Pushkar Tozge


Design is my super-power. This is what happens when you do for a long time what you truly love. Design is my source of energy, the ability to implement ambitious projects, a tool to help others. When I feel bad – I create a design, when I feel good – I also create a design. I designated all this mix for myself as a “super-power”.

After graduating from an art school, I received an economic education and returned to the road of creativity. Starting my way in a small newspaper, I worked for many years in the publishing house and printing house as the chief designer. The experience of preparing files for printing (prepress) and understanding production processes helps me develop not only beautiful pictures, but design projects that are easy to implement, for example, to print.

Also, in my understanding, design is a tool for solving specific customer problems.

Beauty and style are different concepts for everyone, but monetization, sales, and informing are the specific goals that the client pursues.

My design is always a solution for real Clients problem. Not just modern picture or wish to try new font or style.

I divide all my activities into 2 types.

  1. Individual work with clients. I create a design myself or accompany the project.
  2. Education of both – beginners or practicing designers in courses, webinars, master classes or private consultations.

    I can design a visual strategy for social media, logo, corporate identity or branding, Web design, design for printed products and other design projects. A few years ago, I founded the N1 Design school on Instagram, which trained several thousand students, but I decided to change the name of the project, and now I provide all services under the SMD Lab Brand.

Despite the fact that designers are usually introverts, I learned to combine active social life with a calm time to create design. Having developed 9 design courses, I learned to explain complex things in simple examples. A huge number of positive reviews confirm this and motivate me to create new modern training programs.

When I read the stories of people who with my help changed their lifes, showed their talent, changed their sphere of activity, reached another financial level, I understand that I am on the right way.

I thank all my students and customers for feedback.

Your successes and reviews are my personal treasures!